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Pulis Davao Region, Respetado, Responsable at Disiplinado.


Regional Logistics and Research Development Division



    The Logistics is responsible for planning, coordination and supervision if  function pertaining to supply, maintenance transportation, installation ,  evacuation and hospitalization and miscellaneous related matters.




a) RLD-Chief, Regional Logs Officer

  1. Advise the Regional Director Regional, Chief Directorial Staff, members of the general and special staff and other unit or matters pertaining to supply, transportation and other logistical activities of the Office.
  2. Exercise coordination, supervisor function over the technical and logistical operation of the signal.
  3. Responsible for logistics matter covering service transportation and troop movement.
  4. Responsible for the planning and supervision of logistical training of his own division and in coordination with ROPD

b. As Chief, Logistics Manager he is responsible for:

  1. Supervision over the Logistics Organization.
  2. Preparation and Maintenance of estimate of the Logistical situation.
  3. Preparation of logistical part of administration instruction.
  4. Preparation of logistical plans
  5. Supervision in the utilization of logistical part of administrative instruction.
  6. Preparation and utilization of logistical records and reports.

c) Plans coordination and supervise those activities pertains to:

  1. Determination of supply requirements
  2. Procurement, storage, security distribution and documentation of supplies, coordination of surplus excess salvage and captures enemy supplies.
  3. Requirements for organization, allocation and movement of service of troops (Coordination with ROPD)
  4. Repair, maintenance of supplies, utilities  and equipment
  5. Construction of all facilities and installation and signal communication.
  6. Procurement, allocation, administrative and disposition of real estate, including billets and shelter, coordination with DPRM concerning allocation of shelter for Headquarters area.
  7. Transportation units, personnel and supplies by water, highway and air, including planning movements of traffic regulations and control. (in coordination with ROPD)
  8. Property and Accounting responsibilities
  • Implement the program of supply economy.
  • Prepare budget estimates.
  • Received and issue allotment advises
  • Submit reports on fiscal and financial activities
  • Fiscalization and control of PRO 11 PNP allotted fund.



            The Regional Logistics Support Service Unit,  being one of the working arms of the Regional Logistics Research and Development Division (R4) is in charge of local procurement, repair and maintenance of motor vehicles, mobility and other related services.



  1. Provides operational control planning and administrative services related to mission and operations of assigned disposal team within the PNP regional wide.
  2. Disposal of ammunition rendered hazardous by damage or deterioration and other unexploded ordnance (UXO) items.
  3. Provides technical assistance, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Support to the PNP and for  Presidential and VIP protection



       Performs the functions of the Police Regional Office 11, on matters pertaining to supply and property inspection, receipt, recording/reporting, storage, issuance/distribution, inventory taking and accounting and control.

       The Regional Supply Accountable Officers performs the following:

  1. Conducts inspection and provides proper storage of supplies/equipment delivered to the office and insure maximum safety and security the of the same to prevent pilferage.
  2. Maintains formal records of supplies/equipment delivered to the office and those issued to PNP offices and individuals.
  3. Implement the issuance/distribution of supplies/equipment based on supply directive from Chief, RLRDD (R40
  4. Secure all unserviceable properties turned-in by office specially those preposition at the disposal yard in order to preclude unauthorized cannibalization or pilferage.
  5. Assist the C, RLRDD (R4) in recalling firearms and other properties brought along by personnel transferred outside the Region or terminated from the service and file criminal case in court against those who fail to clear themselves of their property accountability/responsibility applying due process of law.
  6. Issued necessary property clearance to personnel applying for promotion transfer and retirement based on property clearance issued by concerned office.
  7. Renders complete report to R4 Div covering receipt of supplies/equipment to the office indicating the source, quality, cost and other relevant information copy furnished R-Accounting and R Auditors office.
  8. Conducts periodic accounting/inventory and inspection of supplies/properties stored at the bodega/supply room and those issued to offices and individuals and renders appropriate report to R4 division.
  9. Acts as Member/Recorder to the Regional Board of Survey and maintains formal records on dropping of properties.
  1. Conducts maintenance service and repair of defective firearms/crew-served weapons as approved by R4.
  1. Provides available replacement parts of vehicles and direct exchanged basis from among the unserviceable vehicles at the disposal yard based on request from end-users as approved by R4.
  1. Initiate the turn-in of all unserviceable properties either to SAO-PNP-Wide or 11FSSU after clearing/approval by R4 Div and maintains formal records of turned-in properties.
  1. Assist the Regional Disposal Committee in the disposal of unserviceable (BER) properties and maintains formal records relative thereto.
  1. Makes necessary recommendations to R4 Division on matters pertaining to the functions of the office.
  1. Performs related activities as may be directed by RD or R4




      Determine the overall supply equipment and fund requirement of the PNP of PRO 11 in coordination with the different branch PNCO in the Logistics Division.

(Specific duties and Responsibilities)

  1. Consolidate all statistics report from all office unit of the entire concern (either by NHQ’s or by this Headquarters of those needed to support command/office requirement)
  2. Prepare program of various  logistics activities such as construction repair of facilities repair of vehicles and procurement equipment.
  3. Consolidate all request issuance of supplies and equipment to include fund requirement submitted by different field units and prepares a command letter to such request (in bulk) after determining the actual needs (this only supplies request for supplies equipment not available in stock)
  4. Prepares all logistics report required by NHQs PNP or by other division this Headquarters such as:
  • Annual Semi Annual Accomplishment Report/Inventory Reports
  • Program Review and Analysis
  • Periodic/Status Report of Equipment as Commo, Ammo, and Mags Assy
  • Weekly Accomplishment Report
  • Conference Handout/Briefing Slides
  • Others (Except those related to Budget and Fiscal Matters)

5. Refers to the Chief clerk and other Branch PNCO other matters that needed their guidance/assistance and Hand-out to the Chief Clerk as acted communications

6. Maintain proper recording and filing of related documents

7. Assist in the Report of Surveys

8. Acts in other matters that the acting Regional Director for Logistics of Chief may direct.






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