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Regional Mobile Force Battalion






In May 15, 1983 when the 56th Philippine Constabulary Battalion was dissolved, the Regional Special Action Company 11 (11th RSAC) was created and absorbed all personnel of the 3rd Company of the former and 1LT ORLAND M MABUTAS was designated as the first Commanding Officer which primary function was to address the problem on insurgency and as the elite force of PC/INP Regional Command 11. (Former name of PRO11). Years later another company of RSAC 11 was created and named as SAC 11 and the former was called SAC 11.

In the year 1985, a year before the EDSA Revolution, the Regional Special Action Company 11 (11th RSAC) was renamed into Regional Special Action Force 11 (11th RSAF) headed by MAJOR NONITO B SERRANO and it is composed of three (3) line companies namely; RSAF I, RSAF II and the 3rd INP Field Force with its mission was to conduct operations against communist insurgents and other threat groups in coordination with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in the Region 11 to include Surigao del Sur and General Santos City.

On June 1, 1987, the Permanent Headquarters of 11th RSAF was inaugurated (the present RMFB 11BN Hqs) under the leadership of MAJOR WILFREDO V GARCIA as the commanding Officer. Through the passage of R.A 6975 otherwise known as “DILG Act of 1990”, an act establishing Philippine National Police as one police force of the country. The 11th RSAF was renamed into Regional Mobile Force 11 (11th RMF).

Pursuant to NAPOLCOM Resolution Nr. 96-53 dated July 31, 1996 the 11th RMF was later changed to Regional Mobile Group 11 (11th RMG). The 11th RMG continued its mission and served as the prime mover of the Police Regional Office 11, not only in the aspect of counter-insurgency but also in the anti-criminality and disaster operations. The 11th RMG was composed of three (3) line companies and one (1) support company, namely; a.) 1st Company b.) 2nd Company c.) 3rd Company d.) Combat Support Company.

Pursuant to PNP-NQH Memorandum Circular Nr. 2009-020 dated November 13, 2009, the Regional Mobile Group 11 was renamed into Regional Public Safety Management Battalion 11 (11th RPSMB) and later through NAPOLCOM Resolution Nr. 2010-154 dated June 1, 2010, the term “MANAGEMENT” was deleted as read 11th Regional Public Safety Management Battalion to 11th Regional Public Safety Battalion (11th RPSB).

Pursuant to PNP-NHQ Memorandum Circular Nr. 2017-063 dated October 16, 2017, the 11th Regional Public Safety Battalion (11th RPSB) was later renamed into Regional Mobile Force Battalion 11 (RMFB 11). The RMFB 11 serves as the mobile reaction unit of Police Regional Office 11 for the Internal Security Operations and to reinforce/support the Provincial, City, and Municipal Police Units for Public Safety Operations, Law Enforcement Operations, and Special Police Operations. The Regional Mobile Force 11 (RMFB 11) is composed of five (5) Maneuver Companies and one (1) Technical Support Company, namely; a.) 1101st Maneuver Company b.) 1102nd Maneuver Company c.) 1103rd Maneuver Company d.) 1104th Maneuver Company e.) 1105th Maneuver Company f.) Technical Support Company.




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