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Barangay Level Action Citizen Complaints

The following are all disputes, civil and criminal in nature where parties actually reside in the same city or municipality are subjected to proceedings of amicable settlement to be handled first by your respective barangay:

  • Unlawful use of means of publication and unlawful utterances (art. 154);
  • Alarms and scandals (art. 155);
  • Using false certificates (art. 175);
  • Using fictitious names and concealing true names (art. 178);
  • Illegal use of uniforms and insignias (art. 179);
  • Physical injuries inflicted in a tumultuous affray (art. 252);
  • Giving assistance to consummated suicide (art. 253);
  • Responsibility of participants in a duel if only physical injuries are inflicted or no physical injuries have been inflicted (art. 260);
  • Less serious physical injuries (art. 265);
  • Slight physical injuries and maltreatment (art. 266);
  • Unlawful arrest (art. 269);
  • Inducing a minor to abandon his/her home (art. 271);
  • Abandonment of a person in danger and abandonment of one’s own victim (art. 275);
  • Abandoning a minor (a child under seven [7] years old) (art. 276);
  • Abandonment of a minor by persons entrusted with his/her custody;
  • Indifference of parents (art. 277);
  • Qualified trespass to dwelling (without the use of violence and intimidation). (art. 280);
  • Other forms of trespass (art. 281);
  • Light threats (art. 283);
  • Other light threats (art. 285);
  • Grave coercion (art. 286);
  • Light coercion (art. 287);
  • Other similar coercion (compulsory purchase of merchandise and payment of wages by means of tokens). (art. 288);
  • Formation, maintenance and prohibition of combination of capital or labor through violence or threats (art. 289);
  • Discovering secrets through seizure and correspondence (art. 290);
  • Revealing secrets with abuse of authority (art. 291);
  • Theft (if the value of the property stolen does not exceed p50.00). (art. 309);
  • Qualified theft (if the amount does not exceed p500). (art. 310);
  • Occupation of real property or usurpation of real rights in property (art 312);
  • Altering boundaries or landmarks (art. 313);
  • Swindling or estafa (if the amount does not exceed p200.00). (art. 315);
  • Other forms of swindling (art. 316);
  • Swindling a minor (art. 317);
  • Other deceits (art. 318);
  • Removal, sale or pledge of mortgaged property (art. 319);
  • Special cases of malicious mischief (if the value of the damaged property does not exceed p1,000.00). (art 328);
  • Other mischief (if the value of the damaged property does not exceed p1,000.00). (art. 329);
  • Simple seduction (art. 338);
  • Acts of lasciviousness with the consent of the offended party (art 339);
  • Threatening to publish and offer to prevent such publication for compensation (art. 356);
  • Prohibiting publication of acts referred to in the course of official proceedings (art. 357);
  • Incriminating innocent persons (art. 363);
  • Intriguing against honor (art. 364);
  • Issuing checks without sufficient funds (bp 22);
  • Fencing of stolen properties if the property involved is not more than p50.00 (pd 1612).
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