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Advise the RD, PRO on matters pertaining to personnel and records management; Study and provide information pertaining to the personnel activities of the Command; Furnish estimate, advice and analysis to the RD, PRO 11 on personnel matters. Translate decision into directives concerning personnel information and movement or deployment of elements of the Command; Prepare personnel plans and projections; Recommend changes in plans, policies and order to ensure the efficient procurement and employment of the human resources of the Command; Administer and manage pertinent records of uniformed and non-uniformed personnel of the Command; and Perform the other function as the RD, PRO 11 may direct.


The mission of the Regional Personnel and Human Resource Development Division is to assist the RD in the exercise of the command pertaining to management of PNP uniformed and non-uniformed personnel as individuals, manpower procurement and control, personnel records and reports, discipline, law and order, administration of prisoner of war, morale, personnel services and personnel procedures, the internal organization of the Headquarters and its administration function, and miscellaneous function assigned by the RD, DRDA, DRDO and RCS, and to accomplish the mission.


  1. Holds/maintain the venue of Summary Hearing and related proceedings on the admin cases against PRO 11 personnel and serves as the “clerk of court”  for the disposition of said cases, whose task involves docketing of cases, conduct of summary hearing, render of resolution by the Summary Hearing Officer and Decision by the DA, implementation of  the decision upon reaching finality;
  2. Review the drafts of the decision prepared by the Summary Hearing Officers and monitor those pertaining to dismisssal, demotion, suspension/forfeiture of pay  and other penalties and appeals on AWOL/Dropping from Rolls  and Petitions for Reinstatement/Reappointment.
  3. Assist  the PNP personnel to request for legal assistance from RLS and keeps a database on said service provided them;
  4. Serves as the repository of the admin and related case records of  PRO 11.
  5. Facilitates the resolution of Motion for Reconsideration on the Decision of the cases of PNP personnel including DFR;
  6. Facilitates the implementation of Decision that reached finality rendered by the RD PRO 11 as Disciplinary Authority and other DA’s e.g. PLEB, OMBUDSMAN, Mayors , PD’s etc;
  7. Reviews  the drafts of the draft  Decision submitted by the Summary Hearing  Officers and prepares the corrected copies of the Decisions, in close coordination with the RLS, and routes the same to the DA with cover memos.
  8. Assist the RPHRDD, as Secretariat , in the conduct  of Termination Proceedings, against PO1’s and PINSPs  in temporary status, deliberations  of  the PRO 11 Assessment Board  against  the PRO 11 personnel involved in drug use and that of the committee on Decorum and Investigation( for Sexual Harrassment Cases)
  9. Facilitates the Restoration of  Salary of PNP Personnel;
  10. Maintains and updated CMCS (Case Monitoring and Clearance   System) database  and issues  DLOS Certification re pending cases;
  11. Takes charge of the proper implementation of the Attrition System;
  12. Provides lectures related to the DLOS functions; and
  13. Performs  others tasks as may be directed or as necessary.



Admin Holding Section shall be responsible for the accounting of all personnel who are due for CDD/TPDD, relieved from their assignment  and are due to retire in less than (1) year, under Restrictive custody, which duration may exceed hundred eighty (180) days with pending cases, confined in hospitals and suspension. In case Personnel with pending cases are cleared of their cases, or suspension has been lifted, a report shall be submitted to the DPRM for future assignment.


Detail/Secondment Section shall be responsible for the accounting

Monitoring of personnel on detail with:

  2.  Schooling(Foreign and Local)
  3.  Agencies within DILG outside PNP
  4.  Agencies outside DILG/PNP  and
  5.  International bodies/organization recognized by the Philippine Government



  1. Responsible for the maintenance, retention, preservation, conservation, and disposal of public records  including the adoption of security measures  and vital records protection program for the PNP region wide.
  2.  Authenticate official documents used in the National Headquarters and separate unit  as well as those use in government agencies and private sector.
  3. Publish, distribute and disseminate:
  • Route orders, bulletins, circulars, and all miscellaneous publications; and
  • Special Orders, General Orders, Letter Orders  and other directives issued by the National Headquarters;
  1.  Accept, store, preserve and conserve  PNP Personnel Records;
  2.  Manage Storage and disposition of current and non-current records;
  3.  Prepares the issuance of the following:
  • Service Records
  • Certificate of Leave Credits
  • Certificate of Legal Beneficiaries
  • Identification Cards
  • Authenticated Photocopies of Documents
  • Publication Orders
  1.  Obtain, recover, transfer and have custody and management of all PNP personnel records not in custody.
  1.   Serves as repository of PNP files region wide.



  1.  Prepare and review education and training programs of the Police Regional 11 and supervise its     implementation;
  2.  Oversee and monitor the conduct of training of PNP personnel both local and foreign;
  3.  Prepare review and evaluate the PNP foreign scholarship programs in coordination with other directorial staff;
  4.  Allocate Training  space in foreign and local service school and civilian university  as authorized under existing regulations;
  5.  Supervise and control PNP training activities in coordination with PNP staffs/units and other agencies concerned;
  6. Prepare, review , finalize and publish training directives for the implementation  of offices/units /individuals concerned;
  7. Supervise, monitor and issue directives/policies on the physical training  and sports development programs of the uniformed and non-uniformed personnel of PRO 11;
  8. Prepare plans and formulate directives and guidelines for the values formation education and orientation of all personnel.
  9. Determine and compile all the available records needed to come with the talent bank and professional expertise profile of uniformed and non- uniformed personnel ;
  10. Formulate doctrine pertaining  to  the organization, administration and operation of  the PRO 11 in coordination with other directorial staff.
  11. Formulate directives and policies for the enhancement of doctrine;
  12. Collate, study and research operation and administrative reports of field officers and students for doctrine operation.
  13. Evaluate, review and modify /revise current training doctrine and programs; and
  14. Conduct training needs assessment of various positions in Regional Office hierarchy.



  1. To take appropriate action of all related directives and directives and memorandums  from higher headquarters down to lower units/offices.
  2. To monitor and prepare necessary information and data/records in relation to plans, policies performance evaluation and special projects;
  3. To implement directives of personnel policies, management and development;
  4. To recommend changes and adoption of modern system (regional level) ; and
  5. To perform  other functions as directed.



Process evaluate and implement  the policies and guidelines on Recruitment , promotion, placement ( designation, assignment , transfer, job rotation, relief and detail) of 2nd level ranks of uniformed personnel and recommend necessary  amendment  thereof:


Recruitment Branch

  • Process the application  of the PNP applicants implementing  the policies and guidelines governing recruitment and lateral entry program.
  • Evaluate the qualification of the PNP applicants  and recommend to the Regional Screening Committee.
  • Assist  the screening committee in the final deliberation of  the PNP applicants.
  • Prepare the resolution of  the qualified applicants for signature of the screening committee.


Placement Branch:

  • Monitor the tenure of the designated key officers for projection of vacancies;
  • Evaluate the qualification of the recommended  PCOs for  the key positions and recommend the Officers Placement Board during  deliberation for subsequent confirmation by RD, NAPOLCOM;
  • Evaluate and take action on the request for transfer of PCOs/PNCOs for approval of  the Regional Director pass thru the Command Group;
  • Maintain database for the 2nd level position.
  • Inventory  the personnel of the office for PNP 2nd level position; and
  • Perform other task as directed by the RD.


Promotion Branch:

  • Inventory  the qualified personnel for promotion and submit  to NHQ  PNP, TDPRM (RSD) the number of promotable for acquisition of promotion qouta ;
  • Process the papers of  the qualified personnel and come up with the list  for consideration of  the promotion board;
  • Prepare the resolution of the qualified promotees for  signature of the  promotion board;
  • Provide Publication Branch list of promotees for issuance of promotion orders;
  • Prepare the CSC KSS (Blg. 33) of the promotees  for attestation of appointments.


Appointment/Attestation Branch:

  • Prepare the CSC KSS (Blg.33) of the successful PNP applicants and promotees and submit CSC for attestation ;  and
  • Prepare the CSC KSS(Blg. 33) for the renewal, demotion and the like and submit to CSC for attestation; and
  • Prepare the resolution of the qualified promotees for  signature of the  promotion board;



Implement  the programs of Morale and Welfare Division , DPRM to the personnel of Police Regional Office 11 to boost their morale for effective and efficient public service.


Awards and Incentive Branch:

  • Forward the accomplishment folders submitted by line units to RID for validation/confirmation of the accomplishments submitted and the personnel involved for recognition either in award or special promotion;
  • Evaluate the accomplishment validated by RID and recommended to the Regional Special Promotion Board, Awards and decorations Board during the deliberation for appropriate awards and or special promotion;
  • Prepare memorandum recommending the award recommended by the Board for approval of the Regional Director; and
  • Issue the award approved by the Regional Director for Publication.


Personnel Services Branch

  • In-charge in the scholarship program of the PNP (local and National) like REAP, SEAP, UM and Jose Maria College;
  • Process the Reimbursement of Hospital Expense application;
  • Process the Presidential  Social Fund-Special Financial Assistance of KIPO, WIPO and missing PNP personnel ; and
  • Update housing  profile of the uniformed and Non-Uniformed personnel.


  Retirement Benefits  Branch

  • Assist and process the papers of the retirables for the release of their retirements benefits claims;
  • Assist  and process the death benefit claims of the heirs of deceased personnel; and
  • Prepare memo for approval of the schedule Retirement Honors for retiring  personnel  every last Monday of  the month.



  •  In-charge in the recruitment of Non- Uniformed  personnel;
  • Compute leave credits, service records, etc;
  •  Make recommendation pertaining  to assignment of NUPs;
  • Prepare memo and KSS (Blg.33) of NUPs who are promoted or hired  for signature of RD and attestation by the CSC;
  • Prepare and process optional/compulsory retirement and death claims;
  • Prepare and submit  monthly reports to higher headquarters.
  • Conduct ITP-NUP trainings upon instruction from higher headquarters;
  • Responsible  in the consolidating of NUP Pers;
  • Responsible in consolidating NUP SALNs;
  • Endorse the PNP ID application to DPRM; and
  • Endorse the CLB application to DPRM.



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