The said police operation was conducted by the Regional Drug Enforcement Unit 11 led by PCInsp Ernesto Gregore, together with Drug Enforcement Team of Assuncion Municipal Police Station led by PSI Randy Galicia, 11th RPSB Swat Team led by SPO1 Samuel Espina and troops from 60IB PA.
On same date at around 1:40 a.m., another joint police-military operation was successfully conducted that led to the death of Alvin Ubota, a classified High Value Target (HVT) Level 2 and listed at PDEA as HVT, residing at Purok 4, Barangay Concepcion, Asuncion, Davao del Norte.

Joint elements of RDEU 11 led by PCInsp Reny T Valdesco, Asuncion Municipal Police Station led by its Chief of Police PCINSP EDMUND F MONTILLANO, DNPPSC SWAT team led by PO3 Richie De Asis under direct Supervision of PSUPT ACALA and AFP personnel led by SGT RYAN F COCA, 60IB, PA under supervision of LT. COL EMMANUEL A CANILLA, Batallon Cmdr of 60,IB PA, conducted an Anti-illegal Drug Operation thru implementation of a Search Warrant No. 38-17, issued by Executive Judge VIRGINIA D. TEHANO-ANG, RTC, 11th Judicial Region, Tagum City dated July 25, 2017 with PDEA Coordination No. 30004-072017-02442213H against the suspect, Ubota.

It was known through initial investigation that the suspect shot the assaulting team which prompted the police officer to fired back and hit the suspect. The suspect was subsequently rushed to the nearest hospital to save his life but was declared dead-on-arrival by the attending physician of Kapalong District Hospital in Davao del Norte.

SOCO Team recovered the following items in the crime scene, to wit: 1Pc .38 revolver without serial number with two (2) live ammos and Three (3) fired cartridge cases; one (1) big heat sealed plastic cellophane containing white crystalline substance believes to be “shabu”; and 2 pcs. small elongated heat sealed plastic cellophane containing white crystalline substance believed to be “shabu”.

PRO 11 Regional Director PCSupt Manuel R Gaerlan commends the bravery and commitment of police officers involved in the joint police-military operation and recommends that they be given awards.

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