PRO 11 Regional Director conducts inspection for "Oplan Kaluluwa"

PRO 11 however, asks the public to be very vigilant at all times and report any suspicious bags/luggage, vehicles, personalities and activities to the nearest police station or security officers in the area. Keep your valuables and small children attended. Bring jackets and umbrella in case of bad weather, at the same time, food and water to keep you hydrated. Secure houses before leaving and avoid posting your activities in social media to avoid possible break-ins/attacks. Also, the public is constantly reminded of the following items prohibited inside all premises of public and private cemeteries;
1. Deadly or any bladed weapon
2. Alcoholic drinks 
3. Playing cards, mahjong or gambling items of any kind
4. Loud speakers/ stereo

“Public Safety is everybody’s responsibility”

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