PNP Comprehensive Educational Assistance Program

Category: Personnel Matters
Last Updated on 23 May 2013 Published on 23 May 2013
Written by PO1 Ervin Plaza

Source: RPHRDD PRO11

Source of Funds (PSMBFI SGTI Experience Refund)

  1. Dependent excludes a relative of PNP personnel up to fourth civil degree of consanguinity;

          a.1. For married PNP personnel

          - Legal spouse (to include those defined as  such under the code of Muslim Personnel Laws (Shari’a)

        - Children not more than 21 years of age


          a.2. For single PNP personnel

        - Children not more than 21 years of age

        - Unmarried brother/sister not more than 21 years of age

  1. Awards and recognition that would entitle a PNP personnel must be availed within five (5) years from the date of its conferment;
  2. National Awardees by PNP recognized institutions or non-government organizations (i.e. TOPWP, COPS) are no longer considered.
  3. The educational assistance extended to Elementary Valedictorian/Salutatorian shall be until Secondary Level Only and to the Secondary Valedictorian/Salutatorian shall be until college only.  They shall maintain a grade not lower than 85% in all subjects; and
  4. Applicants/grantees are no longer required to maintain an average of 85%, rather, they must not have any failing grades.


     1. Wounded in action awarded with the Medalya ng Sugatang Magiting but not permanently incapacitated that merits recognition of their laudable accomplishment;

     2. Granted special promotion;

     3. Recipient of any of the following awards:

     a. Medalya ng Kagitingan, Kabayanihan and Katapangan;

     b. Outstanding  Individual Award Category in relation to the PNP and/or Unit Anniversary at the NHQ, PROs, NSUs,    NCRPO District levels, such as but not limited to:

             - Outstanding Senior PCO of the Year for Operation;

             - Outstanding Senior PCO of the Year for Administration;

             - Outstanding Junior PCO of the Year;

             - Outstanding Senior PNCO of the Year;

             - Outstanding Junior PNCO of the Year;

             - Outstanding NUP of the Year (Supervisory Level); and

             - Outstanding NUP of the Year (Non-Supervisory Level).

     4. Dependents of Active PNP Personnel who graduated valedictorian or salutatorian from elementary or high school for the current year.

     Level                          Amount                       Duration

      Masters                P25,000.00/year                  2 years

      College                  25,000.00/year                 4/5 years

      Vocational              20,000.00/year                 2/3 years

      Secondary              15,000.00/year                  5 years

       Elementary            12,000.00/year                  7 years


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