Guidelines for Membership Withdrawal with PSMBFI


3. Chief of Offices/Units shall ensure that the effect of such withdrawal is properly explained and that the member understood the consequences of his/her act. With this, withdrawing members shall be encouraged instead to enroll or be covered by accident insurance by a company or insurance plan of his/her choice.

4. Salary deduction for insurance not accredited by the PNP shall not be allowed in the automatic salary deduction scheme.

5. Chief of Offices/Units shall encourage their personnel who have terminated their membership to re-enroll with the PSMBFI.

6. All PNP offices/units are advised to provide PSMBFI sufficient time to conduct their information drives not only to new recruits but likewise to all active PNP members for them to properly comprehend the membership privileges and insurance coverage.

7. List of documents for all members who opted to terminate their membership with PSMBFI:

    a.  Endorsement from the Chief of Office/Unit to TDPRM (Attn: MWD).

    b.  Personal Letter of member to PSMBFI President (Atty. Washington M. Javier)           signifying the reason/purpose

    c.  Photocopy of PSMBFI membership policy

    d.  Photocopy of PNP ID

    e.  Photocopy of latest payslip


-  with report from RPHRDD PRO11

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