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The Legal Service Project A.L.E.R.T.:

Treading A Mark in Police Operations

The revolution in the field of mass communication and information-technology has broadened the scope and coverage of law enforcement agencies all-over the world. The Philippine National Police as a dynamic institution has also to keep pace with its external environment in order to keep its personnel in sync with technological advances.


The Project 24/7 ALERT was conceptualized to be a communications hub catering to legal concerns of operational units of the national police institution across the archipelago. Recent events showed the significance of legal intervention to provide police personnel with real-time input; thus, keeping operational and administrative actions within the bounds of current statutory and judicial enunciations.

A. Vision Statement:

By 2030, the LS 24/7 A.L.E.R.T. has been embedded in the Philippine National Police operational structure; manned by competent, and capable Legal Officers that provide real-time legal intervention to aid police operating and administrative units with the perspective that every law-enforcer will be leaning on incisive legal assistance in the performance of his duties and responsibilities.

B. Mission Statement:

To ensure that at in every stage of law enforcement operations, police personnel will be afforded timely legal data which can be accessed through a dedicated unit manned by competent and capable Legal Officers, with the aim to align official police actions with existing statutes, jurisprudence and institutional rules and regulations.

C. Purposes of Project 24/7 ALERT

1. To provide a twenty four (24) hour easy and timely access to legal assistance by the PNP Legal Service to the PNP personnel while they are in the actual performance of their duties.

2. To ensure that police officers in the field perform their duties and functions in accordance with the law and established procedures.

3. To prevent any criminal, administrative, and/or civil cases to be filed against PNP personnel due to the performance of their sworn duties.

4. To prevent and discourage negative criticism against the PNP which most often being utilized and given prominence by the media.

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