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The Regional Police Strategy Management Unit 11 (RPSMU 11) was activated pursuant to GO # 473 dated 11 December 2012.The establishment of an effective monitoring and feedback mechanism under the newly activated unit, which is the regionalized version of the Center for Police Strategy Management (CPSM) ensures proper management and monitoring of the PRO scorecard, the periodic review and evaluation, and making necessary adjustments and amendments to PRO’s strategies with the support of the Regional Advisory Council.


RPSMU Mandate

  • Oversee the implementation of the PNP PATROL PLAN 2030: "Peace & order Agenda for Transformation and upholding of the Rule-Of-Law" in all PRO 11 units/offices;
  • Integrate all strategy management processes, sustaining strategy execution & management, and instilling a culture of strategic focus;
  • Identify & recommend key priorities and strategic issues to the Regional Director, PRO 11;
  • Assist & advise Units in selecting targets & identifying strategic initiatives;
  • Facilitate integration & coordination of programs, projects & activities across functions & offices to align strategies & manage execution;
  • Cascade the PNP PATROL PLAN 2030 and PRO Scorecard down to the lowest level;
  • Develop a comprehensive Communications Plan & education process focused on developing common understanding and ownership of the strategy & to generate commitment & support from all stakeholders;
  • Establish & facilitate the process of identifying, documenting and sharing lessons-learned and best practices that can be replicated;
  • Oversee the review, evaluation and validation & timely reporting of Balanced Scorecard Measures, in collaboration with the Technical Working Group (TWG) and the Regional Advisory Council
  • Establish a monitoring and accountability mechanism for the implementation and execution of PNP PATROL PLAN 2030; and
  • Perform other duties as directed by the RD,PRO 11.
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