Children pass through a transition phase of puberty to adolescence, a period of curiosity, challenges, conflicts and complexities. Most young adolescents and teenagers have less comprehension of the consequences their actions can cause. Left unguided, children tend to be destructive, lost and wasteful, becoming a delinquent member and liability to the society. The lack of sense of responsibility amongst parents, misleading information and portrayal of violence from media and internet, economic deprivation and weak moral and spiritual values are predisposing factors attributed to juvenile delinquencies. The growing number of children involved in various crimes and illegal activity has become a great problem of our society.

PSSUPT ALAN B MANIBOG, DNPPO Provincial Director, recognizes the need to address this problem thus the creation of Oplan PAYO Interaction. PAYO stands for Parents and Youth. PA for PArents and YO comes from YOuth.

Please watch the video to understand more of the program. Enjoy watching!