PRESS RELEASE No. 01-12-01
Date: January 12, 2020

PRO 11: CPP-NPA-NDF, An Organized Crime Group, Fake Revolutionaries

Camp Sgt Quintin M Merecido, Davao City- PBGEN FILMORE B ESCOBAL, PRO 11 Regional Director re-echoes the statement of PRESIDENT RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE hurled against the NPA; saying: “ You don’t have any territory”.

The blunt message is in response to Jose Maria Sison’s claim that the government violated the holiday truce by attacking rebel territory.

Further, PRESIDENT DUTERTE said “This is the Republic of the Philippines. I decide where I want to put police and military”

In support to PRRD, ESCOBAL stresses anew, that CPP-NPA-NDF are fake revolutionaries; instead they are CRIMINALS. The killings, arsons, extortions and harassments they perpetrated over the past and recent years have transformed them into an ‘organized crime group’, whose clear intention is to advance their criminal objectives.

Joma Sison and his allied criminal is disguising as revolutionaries. Clearly, the purpose of their existence is no longer motivated by ideological foundation.

Police Records of PRO 11 show the following violent criminal activities perpetrated by these fake revolutionaries and criminals: 70 bombings/IED explosions, 109 Arsons, 103 shooting cases (murders, frustrated murders and attempted murders), 31 robbery cases, 8 kidnappings, 41 abduction cases. They are also involved in destruction of government and private properties resulting from the violent criminal activities and attacks against government security forces securing and protecting the communities in PRO 11.

During the said period, Joma Sison’s allied criminal groups already claimed 175 lives including those of 39 victims of the 1989 RANO massacre, when they broke a bloody attack into a chapel at Barangay Binaton, Digos City; that of businessman Vicente S Ferrazzini who was shot in downtown Davao on February 2, 2008; and SOCO members who were ambushed en route to crime scene in Davao del sur sometime on March 8, 2018. Their criminal activities also caused injuries to 311 persons, which include members of PDRRMC en route to Sitio Balutakay, Davao del sur to evacuate the wounded soldiers on March 2, 2014.

While outside this region, an infant was killed in Bukidnon sometime on November 11, 2017 due to the unceasing criminal activities of Sison’s allied criminal groups in the country.

Under the guise of revolution, crimes were committed in which real intention is to advance Joma Sison and his cohort’s personal and pecuniary interests. And, to get away from these crimes they pose as revolutionaries or rebels in order that their crimes are absorbed into one case of rebellion which is bailable.

For the record, this PRO is conducting manhunt operations against wanted persons masquerading as revolutionaries under Joma Sison coalition of organized crime groups. Among them are: Ronmel Tausan, wanted for several murder cases under CC#22676, CC#22758, CC#23215, CC#23214 & CC#5105-18; Jolan Suazo @ Raden with CC#314-2018 for murder ; Marjjoe Sambilad @Yoyong, and Marilyn Bago @Cheche Deputy Sec, GF 71, with CC#157(16) for attempted murder; and Marvin Alberto Manibog and Ariel Castillote @Enoy of GF 51, with CC# XXI-1845(14) in violation to R.A. 9851.

The various heinous crimes perpetrated by these individuals are clear evidence that Joma Sison has formed a coalition of crime groups. To gain support, they deceived various sectors that they are revolutionary movement but their actions suggest that they are mere criminals preying on innocent students, indigenous peoples, and vulnerable communities.

The PNP in this region thru PRO 11 along with the AFP forces and LGUs will relentlessly pursue this criminals who have been restraining the productivity of the Filipinos.