Camp Sgt Quintin M Merecido, Davao City- The hunt is on. As the ultimatum of our President Rodrigo Duterte ended yesterday, September 19, for the freed prisoners to surrender, Police Regional Office 11 has already created tracker teams ready to be deployed to hunt down the remaining thirty-seven (39) freed prisoners.

Out of the 76 Heinous Crime Convicts (HCC) whose addresses are in Davao Region; 17 of which have surrendered in Davao Region following this breakdown: DCPO = 8, DNPPO= 3,
DSPPO= 2, CVPPO = 2, DOPPO = 1; and DOcPPO=1.

Further, there were also four (4) who surrendered in the PNP but were not listed in Davao Region as residents and twenty (20) HCC also submitted themselves to the Davao Penal Colony (DAPECOL) whose addresses are in Davao Region with remaining 39 who are still on the loose.

“We are still waiting for the directives from the Higher Headquarters to push through with the manhunt. However, our police stations are open 24/7 for other fugitives to surrender even after the grace-period has ended. We will still assist them. But those who will show aggressive behaviour and resist the arrest, then, we will be compelled to defend ourselves.” RD Morales said.

Moreover, RD Morales assures the public that all surrenderers will be treated with utmost respect in accordance to the prescribed procedures stated by law among prisoners.