PRESS RELEASE No. 01-10-01
Date: January 10, 2020


Camp Sgt Quintin M Merecido, Davao City- PBGEN FILMORE B ESCOBAL, PRO 11 Regional Director together with his wife, Ms. Jillaida T Escobal welcomed this year’s callers from the different Police Provincial/City Police Office and the members of PRO 11 Directorial and Command staff for the traditional PRO 11 New Year’s Call. Amongst the callers also were the Chiefs and Representatives from the National Support Units of Region 11.

New Year’s Call is one of the traditions of the uniformed service that allows subordinates to manifest their courtesy and loyalty to the commander.

During his speech PBGEN ESCOBAL expresses his gratitude and appreciation to everyone for all the accomplishments of PRO 11 for the year 2019. And tackled MTDP 2017-2022 whose objective is to “ensure security, public order and safety” and our PNP vision to “ensure safe place to live, work and do business”, that serves as our driving force to satisfy the people and country that we serve and protect.

Also, he enumerated the strategies and plans and programs of actions (PPAS) initiated and focused by PRO 11, which are as follows:

1. Focused law enforcement for crime prevention;
2. Our legal offensive support to the anti/counter terrorism program;
3. Enhanced community engagement;
4. Sustained capacity and capability build-up;
5. Intensification of anti-drug campaign; and
6. Internal cleansing program

With so much appreciation PBGEN ESCOBAL further states that; “The year that was, I am very grateful for all the contributions you gave for PRO 11 and for the success of all our peace and order programs, plans and actions. Yet, we must continue the changes, transformations and reforms that we have started which will build a stronger and more dynamic PRO 11. It is once again a chance for us to be at our best as public servants and police officers.

This year, we shall double our efforts to make way for transformations, pro-active actions and services with the guidance of our Officer-In-Charge, PNP PLTGEN ARCHIE FRANCISCO F GAMBOA through the PNP internal cleansing for a better Philippine National Police (PNP) in 2020.”