Camp Sgt Quitin M Merecido, Davao City- Regional Director, PBGen Marcelo C Morales reiterated once again that the “One strike policy” on illegal gambling will be strictly enforced on all police units under Police Regional Office 11.

This means that Station Commanders who ignore and fail to act on the blatant illegal gambling operations in their areas will be relieved from their posts immediately.

The declaration of the war on illegal gambling is based on the Executive Order (E.O) No. 13 issued by President Rodrigo Duterte which directs the PNP and other law enforcement agencies to intensify the campaign on illegal gambling and “act on the request of gambling regulatory authorities to investigate and put an end to illegal gambling activities in their respective jurisdiction.”

According to PBGen Morales, under the one-strike policy, the Station Commander will be immediately relieved from their post if the crackdown by the Regional Office (RSOG or RID or CIDG) or from National Headquarters against illegal gambling in their area is successful.

“Immediately, I will relieve them. Our Chief PNP is very serious in its campaign on cleansing the organization. If three COPs have failed to act on it, the PD or CD will also be relieved. If they fail to stop, whatever their reasons are, then they must leave their post because we do not want the people to think that illegal gambling is perennial because of this imputation of ‘culture of corruption’ in the police force,” RD Morales stated.

He also added that aside from relief, the station commander may also face administrative case.

“May pre-charge investigation tayo to check if there are grounds for him/her to be administratively charged like neglect of duty. That, if he really neglected his work,” RD Morales emphasized.

Likewise, Police Regional Office 11 also urged the public to report directly to the Regional Director the names of policemen who are accepting money or worse, operating illegal gambling in their communities through the PRO11 Hotline Number (09985987026), or on our Social Media Accounts (Pulis Rehiyon Onse II, Police Regional Office 11 FB Page).

Furthermore, PBGen Morales also issues directives for all lower units to engage in a one time-big time operations on illegal gambling.

This directive is in response to President Rodrigo Duterte’s order on the closure of all gaming activities in the country that got their franchise from PCSO due to massive corruption.

“We are expecting that illegal number games will be more rampant now since the STL and other gambling games had been stopped. Ito ang tinututukan namin ngayon. You know, people will always find ways para magsugal. Gambling has been part of our culture, however, we must now forget that we have a law in the land to obey. If it is illegal, it really is and we will enforce the law as we are mandated to do so.”

Nevertheless, the PNP will continue to evolve what is intended to stomp out illegal gambling, particularly jutting, once and for all to end this social menace affecting people of all walks of life.

Releasing Officer: PMAJ JASON L BARIA , C, RPIO
Police Regional Office 11
Camp Sgt. Quintin M Merecido, Buhangin, Davao City
PRESS RELEASE No. 08-10-01
Date: August 10, 2019